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Finding good, affordable accommodation in nước Australia can be challenging. But, there’s no need to tướng worry! One of our advisors can help you find accommodation in nước Australia – không tính tiền of charge. They will take your needs and budget into tài khoản, to tướng find you an ideal living situation.

We advise you to tướng move well in advance and start looking for that one special place you’re going to tướng đường dây nóng trang chủ, as soon as possible.

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To find the place you’re going to tướng đường dây nóng trang chủ, however, we advise you to tướng move well in advance. A place that ticks all the right boxes isn’t going to tướng stay on the market for long.


Shared apartments are the most common choice and are convenient for medium to tướng long term stays. You will be sharing an apartment with fellow students or workers and can choose between single room, double or triple sharing.

For those who are travelling in pairs, a self-contained Studio apartment may be a suitable option.

Prices range depending on cities and areas. A double-shared room in Sydney may be priced between $130 and $180 per person, per week.


Living with an Australian family is a great way to tướng kick off your Australian adventure. It is a unique experience that can help you understand the culture and quickly improve your English.

The families are carefully selected to tướng meet requirements and will offer you a warm welcoming (they will be just as excited as you are).

You will have a single room and may choose between a half board and overnight stay. Homestay accommodation is the ideal solution for those looking for privacy at accessible rates.

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A homestay can range from a minimum of four weeks to tướng the entire duration of the course you’re taking. In some cases, it is possible to tướng extend your stay after the initial period.

Many students choose a homestay to tướng get settled in before switching to tướng shared accommodation.


A hostel is the best way to tướng meet people from all over the world in complete freedom. This choice usually represents the starting point of the adventure and provides a safe base whilst searching for an apartment upon arrival.

This is a convenient short-term solution before moving into long-term accommodation such as an apartment or student accommodation.

Australia has many hostels to tướng choose from as it’s the preferred choice of many backpackers that visit the country. Our student advisors will help you select the best one for you!

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Some Australian institutions may arrange accommodation for their students. These can be apartments, student halls or self-contained residences. To live in a residence means sharing the company of males and females from all over the world outside the classroom. It is a great way to tướng socialize and meet new friends, making the best of the experience.

You can choose a single, double, or triple sharing room or dorm, depending on your budget and privacy requirements. Breakfast is usually included in the rent.